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The first Pokemon cartridge that we will cover will be the red one since it has the strongest of monsters compared with the blue one.


Your Journey to the World of Pokemon unfolds beginning at the sleepy village of Pallet Town where your goal is to become the Greatest Pokemon Trainer in the World.

As Ash Ketchum (or as yourself - should you have taken the liberty to name your character after you), you will rival Professor Oak's grandson who will try to do everything he possibly can to make things difficult and try to claim that honor for himself.

But lucky for you, Professor Oak lets you choose one of the 3 Pokemons that he has before Blue (as his grandson will be called in this guide) does.


Although some say that Bulbasaur is best for early rivals, whichever monster you choose is really a matter of preference. Just adjust your battle strategy according to what monster you choose and you'll be alright. For this game, I have decided to choose Charmander as my first Pokemon because I think his fire tail is cute.

Bulbasaur - Monster number 1 is a grass Pokemon.

Charmander - Monster number 4 is a fire Pokemon who is a lizard that obviously prefers hot places. When it rains, steam is said to spout from the tip of it's tail.

Squirtle - Monster number 7 is a water Pokemon.


Make your way through to Veridian City and wander through tall grass because that's where the wild Pokemon will be hiding. The first few you'll meet will probably be Rattata and Pidgey but you can't capture them yet because you down own a Pokedex. Hang in there... get use to the battles... and then visit the Mart where the clerk will ask you to take a package back to Professor Oak.

By doing him this favour, he will reward you (and Blue) with a Pokedex.

Your Pokedex is your portable computer which enables you to store data of the monsters that you have met and the ones that you have captured. Now you're all set to get as many monsters as you possibly can. Good Luck!


The place to go and heal your Pokemon for free. You'll get them fighting fit in no time and while you're there, you can also access your computer where you store your items, someone's computer where additional Pokemons that you've captured are stored, and Professor Oak's computer where you are given an evaluation of your progress and occasional advice.

Remember, you can only carry 6 Pokemons at a time so if you want to get them all equally trained, you'll probably have to switch them back and forth with this computer at the Pokemon Centre.

Pokemon Centres in all cities are the same and the computers are all inter-linked so you don't have to worry.


Buy as many Pokeballs as you can for 200 coins. But don't forget to get at least one of each of the Antidote (100 coins), Paralyze Heal (200 coins) and Burn Heal (250 coins) just in case. Don't have enough money, don't worry then, just get the Pokeballs because a Pokemon Centre is probably near by since it's only the beginning of your journey and it can't be too tough.


Start collecting Rattata and Pidgey first, they are probably the easiest to capture. To capture the tougher monsters, you'll have to drain their energy first to about one-third and then throw a Pokeball at them. Keep in mind however that you can't catch monsters that belong to other trainers so don't waste your time on those even if you want them badly to complete your collection.


This is where you can and probably will meet the oh-so-cute Pikachu. Pikachu when trained will be helpful to you later in Cerulean City. In Viridian Forest, aside from beating other monster trainers for coins, you must also remember to get 3 free Pokeballs hidden from you. These will contain an antidote, Pokeball and a potion. Leave from the exit at the top left corner and you will be in...


Visit the museum for 50 coins and view the fossil and space exhibits where you will be given clues for later. Here is also where you'll meet Brock, the first leader of a local gym that you'll have to battle for a Boulder Badge. The Boulder Badge will give your Pokemon a small boost in power and when combined with a hidden machine will enable you to teach your Pokemon the flash technique. Brock will also give you Technical Machine 34 which is a Bide Technique to reflect an attack back to the enemy.

Brock's 2 Pokemons are Geodude - level 12 and Onix - level 14. And to beat him easily, your monsters should be at least level 16. Also, fire based powers don't seem to work well against rock monsters like these so your best bet would be Pikachu's electric powers if like me you don't have Bulbasaur or Squirtle.

The Poke Mart here has: Pokeball (200 coins), Potion (300 coins), Escape Rope (550 coins), Antidote (100 coins), Burn Heal (250 coins), Awakening (200 coins) and Paralyze Heal (200 coins).

Get Escape Rope if you're not too good in mazes because soon you'll need to go through Mount Moon.


Come face to face with members of the in-famous Team Rocket and run into lots and lots of wild Pokemons. There are 8 free items to be found all around Mount Moon and they are 2 Pokeballs of Potion, Rare Candy, Escape Rope, Moon Stone, Technical Machines 12 and 01, and HP Up.

Rare Candy should be given to your weakest Pokemon so that he can gain one level.

Do all you want to and should do before you carry on to...


Because once here, you'll be "trapped" until you beat Misty - the second local gym leader. Misty is a toughie who has 2 water Pokemons Staryu - level 18 and Starmite - level 21. Staryu is relatively easy so my advice is to use your weaker monsters to defeat it and then save your toughest 2 for Starmite who has a mean critical hit. Electric or Grass Pokemons work best against her.

With a victory over Misty, you will earn a Cascade Badge that when combined with a hidden machine, will give you the cut ability. You will also get TM 11 for use on other water Pokemons.

Buying a bicycle at Cerulean City is really expensive and since you probably can't afford the 1,000,000 coins anyway, don't worry, you will be rewarded with a voucher later and you can come back here and claim your bike.

ROUTE 24 and 25

Once Misty is out of the way, head north and you'll find yourself having to battle Blue and 6 members of Team Rocket. Beat them all and you'll be rewarded with a Nugget. Keep going and you'll meet Bill a Poke Maniac who collects all the rare Pokemons. This part is funny because when you first meet Bill, he looks like a Pokemon. You see, in a freak accident during one of his experiments, he accidentally became one and now, Bill needs your help to reverse the process and get him back to his normal self.

Help Bill and you'll be rewarded with a ticket on board the luxury liner S.S. Anne.

Before you leave Bill's cottage, take a look inside his computer and 4 of his rare Pokemons: Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon and Vaopreon, will be added to your Pokedex.


Visit a house in the north-east corner and walk through it's backyard to route 5. You'll have to take the underground path because Vermillion City is now closed. But don't forget to drop in to the Pokemon Daycare so that you can drop off a Pokemon and have it get looked after so you can concentrate on building up another Pokemon that you can now catch. Or one that you've got in someone's PC.

The Pokemon that you'll leave at the daycare will be trained by the caretaker so you can't choose which skills he will learn so that's a risk that you've got to take.

Okay... now go through the underpass, search for valuable items, trade for a Pokemon (if you have what they want) and then get out at...


Now you're back to Vermillion City, Port of the Exquisite Sunsets. A popular vacation spot of the rich and famous where S.S. Anne stops by every year.

Visit the Pokemon Fan Club and talk to Pokemon enthusiasts. You'll be just in time for their monthly meeting and if you listen to the jabber of the club president, you'll be rewarded with a bike voucher. Cool! (The bike voucher can be used for redemption at the bike shop in Cerulean City)

Then stop by the house to pick up an old fishing rod from a fishing guru. This old rod will enable you to fish and get a Magikarp if you've not bought one at the Poke Centre earlier on.


Before you board the ship, go to the cabin next to the docks and you'll meet another Pokemon enthusiast who will trade you Farfetch'd for the Pidgey that you have. You've only got one and don't want to give him up? Well... it's really up to you but Pidgeys are a dime a dozen and another one can be caught easily.

Visit the kitchen on board the ship... check the bins and what d'ya know... someone dumped a rare candy. Lucky you!

There's also a Great Pokeball, Max Potion, Ether, Max Ether, TM 8 and TM 44 to be got on-board.

Win lots of money by fighting with Pokemons from sailors and others and then visit the Captain's cabin. The Captain of the ship is sea-sick. What a joke! But help him get over it and since he is an expert with the cut technique, he will teach it to you.

All right! Now you will be able to cut through bushes that get in your way.

One other thing though. Once the Captain is well, the ship will set sail again so be sure you visit his cabin last, lest you'll leave the ship without getting the things you want.


This is where you will meet Lt. Surge in this local gym. There is a trick to getting the key to the door so you can get behind and defeat him and before you do that, there are 3 other trainers to beat. To open the security door, choose any of the containers and then the next switch will be the one next to the one that you've chosen. Wanna play it safe? Easy! Just trigger the first switch, save the game and then choose the next one.

You'll have to fight Voltorb (level 21), Pikachu (level 18) - how sad! and Raichu (level 24) - poor thing! And since they are all electric type pokemons, the best types of attack would be ground attacks.

Beat Lt. Surge and you'll get a Thunder Badge and TM 24.


This is where you'll meet Snorlax the big fat sleeping pokemon who won't wake up at all (well, for now at least). Go upstairs of the lookout and you'll meet one of Professor Oak's aides who will give you an item finder if you have already collected 30 different types of monsters.

Don't have enough? Don't fret because you can always come back.

But if you're short of a couple, maybe you can try searching the fields and then getting diglett and the dug trio at Diglett's Cave.

Diglett's Cave takes you to Vermillion City where there will be another of the Professor's aides who will teach you the Flash Technique so you can light your way in Rock Tunnel.


But you'll have to use your Cut Ability to do so as there are many bushes in the way. Follow the paths east and then go south till you get to Rock Tunnel which is phew! tough.

Don't forget TM 30 near the Cerulean City entrance at the bottom corner, okay?


Flash ability is a must because if not, you'll just lose your way in this massive cave. There are 4 types of Pokemon to be had here and they are Zubat, Geodude, Machop and Onix (which is the hardest to find of all). But once you're out of here, it should be a peaceful journey ahead from now on. Phew!


The final resting place for the dearly departed Pokemons and you can tell by the eerie background music here. One thing though, Mr. Fuji is missing and no one knows what happened to him. Maybe you'll be able to find out if you can get the Silph Scope and identify the ghosts at Pokemon Tower.

The spirits here are only susceptable to certain types of attacks and the ones that are known to work best on them are Drowzee's Seismic Toss and Nidoking's Bubblebeam. It also helps that from now on you buy lots of Potion as probably most of your pokemons won't be able to fight them.

Also, don't waste your Pokeballs because unidentified ghosts cannot be caught.

If you've given your Pokemons nicknames, there's a guy here that will evaluate their names for free. You can also rename them or name the ones that you didn't name earlier.

Solved the mystery of Mr. Fuji yet? No? Well, go on first to...


The thirsty guard is still blocking your way so you have to take the underground route again. This place is real fun. There's lots to buy at the Celadon Department Store. And there is a Game Corner for you to play the slots and exchange your coins for Pokemons.

180 coins gets you Abra... 500 for Clefairy... 1200 for Nidorina. 2800 coins for Dratini... 5500 for Scyther... 9999 for Porygon.

To play the slots however, you will need a coin case that can be gotten from a man at the noodle shop near by.

You can also get some TMs if you are kind enough and buy the girl who's thirsty a drink from the vending machine at the Celadon Department Store. Give her some water, she'll give you TM 13 (Ice Beam). A soda pop will get you TM 48 (Rock Slide). And a lemonade will get you TM 49 (Tri Attack).

Like potions, these drinks can also be used to refresh yourself and replenish some of your pokemon's HP.

A Poke Doll can also be bought here and this can be used in battle should you want to distract a pokemon and get away.

Near by is also a mansion where you can meet the Pokemon game programmers and designers. Go by the back door and you'll be given Eevee. Eevee transforms with some stones that can be bought at the fourth floor of the department store. Fire Stone transforms it into Flareon... Thunder Stone to Jolteon... and Water Stone to Vaporeon. The other stones have no effect on it.

At the Game Corner, talk to the guard at the back. He's guarding a secret entrance that will get you the Silph Scope needed to identify ghosts at Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. You'll need it!


Defeat her and you'll get the Rainbow Badge and TM 21. Erika fights with Victreebel (level 29), Tangela (level 24) and Vileplume (level 29) who are all grass type pokemons.


Now that you've gotten the Silph Scope, go right to the top and identify the ghost that's causing all the trouble. Fight 3 Team Rocket Members and save Mr. Fuji who will be so grateful that he'll bring you back to his house and reward you with a Poke Flute which can work in and out of a battle and wake up sleeping pokemons like Snorlax.


This is home to Silph Company - the makers of the Silph Scope. And to get through to here, just quench the guard's thirst with any of the drinks that you have bought. One will do because all the guards will share this drink.

At Saffron City, you'll have your regular Gym Leader and a special dojo that houses fighting type pokemons. Beat the leader of the dojo and you'll get either Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan (your choice).

You must now save the President of Silph company who is being held hostage by Team Rocket in his own office and because he's right on top and locked in, you'll need a card key. So warp your way, find it and go right to the top.

There is also a pokemon to be had here. Meet Gary on the 7th floor, defeat him, speak to the employee near by and you'll get Lapras a water pokemon that can swim.

Now that you're done here. Go to Saffron's only gym (there were previously 2 but one now bacame a dojo) teleport your way to the middle and fight it out with Sabrina for the Marsh Badge and TM46 (Psywave). Sabrina uses monsters with psychic powers so bugs and ghosts work best against them.


That's where you'll want to go next. Keep going down the road (from Lavender Town) and you'll come to a house where you'll meet the brother of a fishing guru. Talk to him and tell him you like fishing and he'll give you a Super Rod. Now you can fish anywhere and catch pokemons like Krabby, Shellder, Goldee and more.

Carry on down... fight a fat man that's inside the bushes and you'll get Iron Bell - for defense up.

Around this area, there are many wild pokemons to add to your collection. Gloom, Ditto, Venonat, Pidgeotto, Oddish and Pidgey can be found.

Keep Going downwards and then go left to where you see several Jr. Trainers standing around a "maze-like" walkway. Fight them all and keep going left till you get to Fuchsia City where Safari Zone is. Before you get to Fuchia City however, you will have to pass through a guard house and if you have 50 pokemons already, go upstars and meet with another of Professor Oak's Aides for an Exp. All. - this will give experience to all the pokemons that you're carrying with you even when they are not fighting. The only drawback with this however, is that it will decrease the experience points of those who are not with you.


The local gym leader here is Koga who is also known as the Poisonous Ninja Master. He's right in the middle of the fighting arena protected by other fellow trainers. And to get to him, you've got to adjust your contrast so you can see the invisible walls clearer.

He's not that difficult to beat and when you defeat him, you'll get the Soul Badge which increases the defense of your pokemon and Surf which will enable you to swim outside battle. He'll also give you TM 06 (Toxic) which is a secret technique that's over 400 years old that should make your enemy's pokemon suffer as you get deeper into battle.

Now to the house where you'll find the fishing guru's other brother and you'll get a Good Rod which will enable you to catch pokemons like Poliwag. Caught mine at the pond in the back of his house.

Next on the agenda is Safari Zone where there's just so much to do and see. Visit all the captured pokemon in their natural enclosures and you'll be able to catch some of them at the Safari Game.

In the Safari Game, you'll get to meet wild pokemons like Parasect, Venonat, DoDuo, Kangashan, Taorus, Venomoth, Nidorino, Rhyhorn, Exeggcute, Scyther, Chansey and even get pokeballs which contain Carbos (for speed up), TM 32 (Double Team), TM 37 (Egg Bomb), TM40 (Skull Bash) and a whole lot more. Guess that's why it's never enough to go there just once.

Go deep within the Safari Game and keep left. You should get to a Secret Treasure House where there will be someone who will reward you with a campaign prize of HM 03 (Surf) for finding the place. Close by the house is also a ball that mustn't be forgotten because this contains the Gold Teeth of the warden that must be presented to him for HM 04 (Strength).

When you've gotten strength, you can move the boulder in his house and get the Rare Candy that's hidden there.

The trick to getting through to the Secret Treasure House in the Safari Game is knowing where you're going (check the map I've included for you) and to get there quick, use your bicycle. Also, don't get side tracked because you can always pay to come back and catch the rest of the rare pokemons later.


Go back to the right, pass the guard house till you're back to the fishing jetty (the place where you got the Super Rod) and swim across the waters for TM 16 (Pay Day).

Remember the man in Celadon City who's house has got a pond in front of it? Well, go back there now that you can swim across and get TM41 (Soft Boiled) from him. This TM can however be used on Chansey only.


From Fuchsia City, down to the left is a walkway that leads to Cycling Road. Defeat the many bikers, cue ball and Jr. Trainers. You can always use the money to go back to the Safari Game.

And here in the guard house look out point is someone who will trade you Lickitung for a Slowbro.


Back here is where you'll end up. And now will be your chance to buy the Firestone, Waterstone, Leafstone and Thunderstone to transform more of your pokemon. Here is where I used Firestone on Pikachu for Raichu.


At this point, if you have a Poliwhirl and want Jinx, then go to the house and trade for one.

If not, go through the house that was robbed, and from the back go right, chop down a bush and keep going till you get to the water. Here's where you'll need to swim all the way down to...


Power Plant is home to lots of wild pokemon like Magnemite, Voltorb, Magneton, Electrobuzz, Electrodude and everyone's favourite Pikachu. Right in the middle of the room is also Zapdos who is really powerful with his electric zaps! (Get him now... or never... unfortunately)

Get Carbos, TM 33 (Reflect), TM 25 (Thunder), Rare Candy and HP Up from here and then go back to Fuchsia City where there's a swimmer in the waters down below.

Get in the water, battle it out with all the swimmers and go left to the island getaway of...


Here, you will see 2 entrances. You have to go through one to get out at the other so you can swim via another path to the next island. In this cave, you are requred to move boulders to prevent the strong currents from sweeping you away. Push all the boulders (with strength) that you see, down each of the respective holes and get out, after swimming across the waters, to the right.

Wild pokemons that live here are Horsea, Slowpoke, Seel, Psyduck, Zubat, Golbat, Staryu, Seadra and Slowbro. And if you look into one of the bushes, you'll find Max Elixir.


This is where you want to go next to recharge your pokemons and evaluate the fossils and amber that you got earlier in the game.

In this fiery town of burning desire, your gym leader is Blaine - the hot headed quiz master. His gym is however locked and to get the secret key, you'll have to go to the Mystery House, trigger the secret switches that are located within the pokemon statue and jump out the balcony at the top floor to the basement where you'll meet with several scientists that you'll have to battle till you find the Secret Key.

In the meantime, you'll also get Iron (Defense Up), Carbos (Speed Up), Rare Candy (Level Up), TM 14 (Blizzard) and TM 22 (Solarbeam).

(The way to the Secret Key is up to the second floor... then take the stairs at the top left where the 2 beds are... fight scientist at the bottom left... jump down the wider gap next to him, go downstairs... fight the burgler... trigger another switch... fight another scientist... trigger the switch next to the 3 beds... then get the Secret Key at the top left of the screen - PHEW!)

In the Mystery House lives Ponyta, Muk, Weezing, Koffing, Growlithe and Grimer.

There is also a Pokemon Lab here that you should go to and resurrect some extinct pokemon. For the Helix Fossil, you get Omanyte. And for the Old Amber, you get Aerodactyl.

At the lab's meeting room, you can also trade Raichu for an Electrode. Or Venonat for Tangela.

The R & D room gets you TM 35 (Metronome) - good for tweaking your pokemon's brains so that it can use powers that he doesn't even know of.

You will also be told that the 3 legendary birds are Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.

The Pokemon Testing room is where you will be able to trade Ponyta for Seel if you like.

After you have fought Blane - the fire pokemon pro, he'll give you the Volcano Badge and TM 38 (Fire Blast) which is the ultimate fire technique.


This is where the final badge will be. Earth Badge which makes pokemon of all levels obey you, will be given to you after you fight the mystery gym leader Giovanni. Prevent him from resurrecting Team Rocket again and you'll be considered the greatest trainer.

Giovanni and his gang use ground pokemon so the best attacks against them would be water attacks like Water Gun and so on.

Earn the Earth Badge and you'll also get TM 27 (Fissure) - an attack that will take out any pokemon with just one hit.

There is also a revive that can be found in this gym.


Go towards the left and meet Blue (your enemy) for a warm up session. Then enter the building and show off your badges to gain access to the Pokemon League.

Victory Road (more like Victory Cave to me) will be your final obstacle and it is here that you'll prepare yourself before going down to meet the Elite Four.

Collect more pokemons like Graveler, Zubat, Onix, Machop, Geodude, Marowak and Venomoth.

You'll also meet with the one and only Moltres (so catch him!).

To help you along the way, you'll also find Rare Candy, TM 05 (Mega Kick), Full Heal, TM 17 (Submission), Max Revive, Guard Spec and more.

Obstacles in your way? Just move the boulders (using strength again) to the designated spots (the little round spots) on the floor and they will be gone.

Once you're out of there, you'll be at...


This is where you'll meet the Elite Four - Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha and the leader Lance. Each with 5 pokemon. You'll have to beat all of them in succession though or else you'll start from the first one again. Good thing is that before you begin your battle, you can restore your pokemon, buy more stuff or change pokemon if you like.

Hooray! You've now beaten the Elite Four. What a relief right? Lance proclaims you the Pokemon League Champion and Pokemon Master Trainer. But wait! There was another trainer before you that beat him so that makes you second to that other trainer. Not so good... so you have to beat the other trainer and be THE BEST!


who is none other than Blue (or what you've named him), Professor Oak's grandson. Blue isn't as difficult as the Elite Four but you'll have to battle 6 of his Pokemons - Pidgeot, Alakazam, Rhydon, Arcanine, Exeggucutor and Blastoise. You beat him and now Professor Oak walk in wanting to congratulate his grandson as he had just heard the news of his victory.

Heh! Heh! You're now the winner so Professor Oak congratulates you instead and tells Gary that he lost because there isn't trust and love between him and his pokemons whereas yours is marvellous.

Congratulations! You and your Pokemon are now in the Pokemon League Hall of Fame.

(The Game Ends... And The Credits Roll...Start Again?)


And you talk to mom who asks you to rest and heal those tired pokemons. Now you're ready to really Catch 'Em All... the ones that you've missed out to complete your collection.


This is where you'll wanna go next. Cerulean Cave - where the most horrible pokemon live, is towards the left. See the Poke Shop? Just go up... pass the trainers along the bridge... turn left and swim down the river to get there.

Here lives Marowak, Dodrio, Parasect, Raichu, Rhydon, Electrode, Kadabra, Arbok, Ditto, Chansey, Hypno, Magneton, Golbat, Venomoth, Wigglytuff and...

...MyuTwo. Get him!

You can also find useful items like full restore, PP Up, Max Elixir, Max Revive, Ultra Balls, Rare Candy and that Nugget (the 4th one) here.



Then fight the Elite Four with a different batch of pokemons. You'll make another mark in the Pokemon League Hall of Fame and have this list added to your previous accolade that can be seen in the PCs.



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