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We completed the game together on 2nd November 1998.

And these Pokemons were our Battle Party for the Elite Four and "Blue"...

Charizard - Lvl 77 (Cut, Fissure, Fire Spin, Mega Punch)
Machoke - Lvl 43 (Karate Chop, Low Kick, Leer, Focus Energy)
Nidoking - Lvl 34 (Bubblebeam, Tackle, Horn Attack, Trash)
Vaporean - Lvl 45 (Surf, Haze, Blizzard, Watergun)
Dux - Lvl 44 (Razor Wind, Slash, Fly, Body Slam)
Primeape - Lvl 42 (Strength, Thunder, Seismic Toss, Karate Chop)

Statistics at completion of game were...

Seen: 183
Own: 85

Time: 49:10
Money: 29,920


We strive to achieve the ultimate monster collection...

4th November

Caught MyuTwo and beat the Pokemon League for the 2nd time.

5th November

Traded Abra for Mr. Mime in the house next to Diglett's Cave.

6th November

Caught Scyther in the Safari Zone

7th November

Traded Ekans and Oddish with "Elvis" for Sandshrew, Bellsprout and Blastoise.

9th November

Traded and got Hitmonchan, Nidoqueen, Meowth, Ninetales, Vulpix,
Victreebell and Flareon.

Also got Haunter from "Elvis" and when he came to my Pokedex,
he evolved into Gengar.

11th November

Traded with "Elvis" and got Butterfree, Beedrill, Sandslash, Clefable,
Vileplume, Seaking, Alakazam, Machamp and Wigglytuff.

And used Firestone on Growlithe for Arcanine, used Waterstone on Staryu for
Starmie and Poliwhirl for Polywrath.

13th November

Evolved Bellsprout to Weepinbell, Horsea to Seadra, Pidgeotto to Pidgeot
and Ponyta to Rapidash.

15th November

Trained and evolved a level 37 Slowpoke to Slowbro and a level 33 Psyduck to Golduck.

16th November

Traded with "Elvis" and got Magmar, Tentacruel, Jynx and Kingler.

17th November

Trained Omantye till level 40 till it became Omastar, and Dratini till

level 31 till it bacame Dragonair. 23rd November Trained Seel till it became Dewgong at level 34. 25th November Hooked up with "Elvis" and got Dugtrio, Gyrados and Persian. 26th November Trained Dragonair till level 55 and it evolved into Dragonite.

Also caught Kangaskhan (finally!). 28th November Caught Tauros and played slots (till my fingers hurt from the pressing)

and exchanged for a Porygon with 9,999 coins.

Also went back to Victory Road for Moltres. 30th November Went back and got Articuno. And then traded for Lickitung.

1st December Got Squirtle from Andrew.

5th December Traded and got Kabuto from "Jack" (Martin)

6th December Traded and got Bulbasaur from "Yellow!".

Then I trained it up to Ivysaur and Venusaur.

9th December Traded with "Elvis" for Pinsir and Zapdos.

Then I trained Kabuto till it became Kabutops.

Pokedex To Date - 150 caught

YIPPEE!!! Finally... And I get a Diploma saying:

"Congrats! This diploma certifies that you have completed

your POKeDEX. - Game Freak -"

Now on to collecting 150 "physical" monsters for keeps!