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Pokemon League: Hall of Fame 2 =======================================================================================


You've done it! Hip...Hip...Hooray!

Pokemon Hall of Fame is all maxed out but you can still

join the ranks of many others in our Pokemon Hall of Fame 2.


Submit your particulars to
And Satoshi will add you to the Pokemon League Hall of Fame 2.

Remember to give us the following:

Your Character Name
Date You Beat The Elite Four and Blue
Time (As In The Game)
Pokemons Used And Their Levels
Number Of Pokemons Seen
Number of Pokemons Caught

And a short comment if you wish.



Date Entered and Won: 5th January 1998
Time: 24:31 Hours


Articuno  lv80
Raichu    lv80
Haunter   lv80
Moltres   lv80
Dragonite lv80  
Dragonite lv80   


Seen: 149
Caught: 149  


"This Game was a Breeze."



Date Entered and Won: Early October 1998
Time: 10 Hours


Venusaur - Lvl 100
Bulbasaur - Lvl 100
Pikachu - Lvl 01


Seen: 142
Caught: 141  



Date Entered and Won: December 1st, 1998
Time: 21:48 Hours


Mew - Lvl 255
Blastoise - Lvl 100
Pidgeot - Lvl 97
Dragonite - Lvl 98
Gyrados - Lvl 96
Charizard - Lvl 97 (Traded)


Seen: 151
Caught: 151  


"My Mew did it all, he can learn any Hm or Tm, he has Blizzard,

Fire Blast, Hyper Beam, and Hydro Pump. Mew is the 151st Pokemon." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - MYSTICANT Date Entered and Won: January 13th, 1999 Time: About 22 Hours Pokemons Geisa, level 50 Blastoise Blitschu, level 44 Raichu Flari, level 41 Flareon Nappi, level 47 Hypno Batil, level 43 Machoke Sandoro, level 44 Sandslash Pokémon Seen: 137 Caught: 58 Comments "I know I didn't catch many... But I'm so proud of my pokemon!! ^_^" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - TOBIAS Date Entered and Won: ??? (I beat them so many times I lost track) Time: Can’t Remember Pokemons Pernate(Dragonite) L56 Zapdos L74 Articuno L73 Moltres L70 Clefable L 68 Mewtwo L 71 Pokémon Seen: 146 Caught: 123 Comments "I beat the Elite four about 36 times to gain levels for my pokemon." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ACE Date Entered and Won: 20th October 1998 Time: - Pokemons Mewtwo: 100 Charizard: 100 Aerodactyl: 100 Lapras: 98 Vileplume: 88 Gengar: 68 Pokémon Seen: 122 Caught: 120 ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - PAUL Date Entered and Won: 16th January 1999 Time: 50 Hours Pokemons Articuno Lvl. 53 Moltres Lvl. 50 Zapdos Lvl. 58 Persian Lvl. 47 Kingler Lvl. 28 Mew Lvl. 31 Pokémon Seen: 141 Caught: 108 Comments "Now that I beat the game, I am going to catch all 152 Pokemon.

(#152 is MISSINGNO. and I'm going to catch him last because he

is not an official part of the Pokedex and he screws up battles

and the hall of fame)" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ASH LLAMA Date Entered and Won: November 1998 Time: 30:03 Hours Pokemons (Fonnefonn) Alakazam - 100 Attacks: Psybeam, Hyper Beam, Recover, Psycic Gengar - 100 Attacks: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Night Shade, Hyper Beam Articuno - 100 Attacks: Ice Beam, Peck, Blizzard, Fly Charizard - 100 Attacks: Slash, Fireblast, Flamethrower, Fire Spin Mew - 100 Attacks: Transform, Psycic, Metronome, Mega Punch (These are temporary) (Razordos) Gyrados - 100 Attacks: Bite, Hyper Beam, Hydro Pump, Surf Pokémon Seen: 152 (including Missingo.) Caught: 152 (including Missingo.) Comments "Psycic pkmn rule! Hyper Beam is awesome! it is HARD to get 'em all

up to 100 without cheating, and just about all mine are now.

Pokemon is pretty easy, i hope the gold and silver versions come out soon.

Couldn't have done it without Articuno and Fonnefonn.

Gengar is cool too. The Hall of fame was a good idea." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ARROW Date Entered and Won: January 1999 Time: 49 Hours Pokemons Blastiose-level 64 Onix-level 45 Machamp-level 44 Dewgong-level 45 Pigdeot-level 41 Golem-level 41 Pokémon Seen: 145 Caught: 115 Comments "From SBluejay" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - MIN THIAN Date Entered and Won: 31st October 1998 Time: 69:99 Hours Pokemons Golem - LVL 100 Charizard - LVL 100 Blastoise - LVL 100 Venusaur - LVL 100 Zapdos - LVL 100 Chansey - LVL 100 Pokémon Seen: 151 Caught: 151 Comments "The hard part was raising my pokemon... beating them was easy.

All those who say they have pokemon over lvl. 100 are fakers!

100 is the max limit.

I also got a missingno." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - BRIAN Date Entered and Won: Mid-January 1999 Time: 31 Hours Pokemons Mewtwo - level 72 (traded) Charizard - level 60 Zapdos - level 50 Articuno - level 52 Moltres - level 50 Doduo - level 26 Pokémon Seen: 145 Caught: 76 ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - LUKE Date Entered and Won: - Time: 72:47 Hours Pokemons Charizard - level 80 Raichu - level 78 Articuno - level 91 Zapdos - level 99 Moltres - level 88 Dragonite - level 77 Pokémon Seen: 149 Caught: 149 Comments "Put a lot of work in it It is tiring but it makes it all worth while

I love Pokemon and training them" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ASH Date Entered and Won: 16th January 1999 Time: 62:08 Hours Pokemons (Zap) Zapdos L56 (Rocky) Graveler L45 (Astra) Staryu L37 (Zaphyre) Dragonair L40 (Everlong) Hypno L47 (Surefire) Charizard L44 2nd time: (Majestic) Mewtwo L71 Pokémon Seen: 142 Caught: 87 Comments "WOOOOHOOOOO! I DID IT! I WON! I'M KING OF THE WORLD!

I love you, Surefire! You were with in every fight I ever fought.

Never doubt the strength of a Charizard!" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - BILL C. Date Entered and Won: Mid December, 1998 Time: About 21 Hours Pokemons Original 5 pokemon used: Bob the Blastoise (80) Zapdos (51) Electrode (43) Flyboy the pidgeot (37) Sailor the Seel (32) Most recent group used: Monkey the Mewtwo (100) Bob the Blastoise (100) Beefy Man the Zapdos (77) Beetle the Mewtwo (73) Mewtwo (82) Pokémon Seen: 144 Caught: 85 Comments "Last time beating elite 4 - 1/24/99 @65 hours" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - BLUE Date Entered and Won: - Time: - Pokemons Missingno. Lv. 98 Articuno Lv. 80 Zapdos Lv. 80 Moltres Lv. 74 Starmie Lv. 70 Magmar Lv. 93 Pokémon Seen: 137 Caught: 66 Comments "Times I won: 34-45 times. Thank you missingno.!" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - CHRIS Date Entered and Won: 18th January 1998 Time: 61 Hours Pokemons Blastoise Lv. 74 Gengar Lv. 40 Articuno Lv. 65 Venusaur Lv. 51 Butterfree Lv. 48 Primeape Lv. 57 That same day i beat them again with... Poliwrath Lv. 57 Pigdeot Lv. 48 Marowak Lv. 61 Jolteon Lv. 54 Gyarados Lv. 40 Venomoth Lv. 52 Pokémon Seen: - Caught: - Comments "After that I beat them over and over again..." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - GHALEON Date Entered and Won: Early October 1998 Time: A little under 59 hours Pokemons 151: Mew Lv.100 150: Mewtwo Lv.100 26: Raichu Lv.100 144: Articuno Lv.100 137: Porygon Lv.100 149: Dragonite Lv.100 Pokémon Seen: 151 Caught: 151 Comments "I played this 24/7 in school n' out, also it was hard to get someone

to trade me an Omanyte but I got'em all. Gotta catch'em all!!!" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ASH (JASON LOWE) Date Entered and Won: November 15th, 1998 Time: 89:48 Hours Pokemons Charizard (75) Blastoise (75) Articuno (73) Mewtwo (83) Zapdos (70) Venusaur (72) Pokémon Seen: 150 Caught: 150 Comments "I am the worlds best and i wish i could battle over the internet

with my gameboy. So i could show the world then crush the world. I am the worlds greatest Pokemon Trainer." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ASH Date Entered and Won: 10th January 1998 Time: 67 Hours Pokemons Lv100-Blastoise Lv100-Mew (By trading with a friend) Lv100-Mewtwo (By trading with my other gameboy game) Pokémon Seen: 151 Caught: 151 Comments "This game was easy after i traded and CLONED!!" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - KELSEY Date Entered and Won: Sometime in December 98 Time: 9:48 Hours Pokemons Dragonite (58) Blastoise (44) Onix (42) Articuno (51) Persian (57) Butterfree (45) Pokémon Seen: 150 Caught: 150 Comments "Goes to show you don't need level 100 Pokémon to win. Butterfree beat up Bruno and Agatha by himself." =B-) - KJP ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - SQUIRTLE Date Entered and Won: 12th December 1998 Time: 20:45 Hours Pokemons snorlax-L80 moves:rest,strength,surf, charizard-L110 moves:fire blast, cut, fire bombs,sleep eevee-L80 moves:slash,jump,mega punch, bite charcolt-L80 moves:charbroiled,slash,fire kick,screech pikachu-L81 moves:thunder,rest,seismic toss,pay day golem-L80 moves:rock slide,rock throw,substitution Pokémon Seen: 67 Caught: 67 2/06/99 - The 2nd time pikachu-L100 thunder,seismic toss,rest,thunder blast Pikachu-L100 thunder blast pikachu-L100 rest, seismic toss pikachu-L100 rest thunder blast meowth-L23 meow,pay day,rest, meowth-L78 persian wrap, metronome, tri attack Pokémon Seen: 140 Caught: 90 Comments "I used eevee the most his jump was powerful on agatha and blue I used charizards fireblast and firebombs on lorelei,bruno and lance i used pikachus siesmic toss on bruno and lance I used snorlaxs surf on bruno and agatha I used charcolts fire kick on lorelei and lance I used golems rock slide on lance and lorelei" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - BROCK ALLEN Date Entered and Won: Mid September 1998 Time: 20 Hours Pokemons Chairizard - Lvl 80 Hypno - Lvl 82 Kingler - Lvl 90 Onix - Lvl 92 Zubat - Lvl 98 Geodude - Lvl 101 Pokémon Seen: 150 Caught: 150 Comments "I play this game way too much!" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ASH Date Entered and Won: 6th February 1999 Time: 30:29 Hours Pokemons Snorlax:lev 100 Golbat:lev 100 Minnasuado:lev 80 *he's the #000 pokemon* Charizard:lev 74 Nidoran:lev 43 Dodrio:lev 31 Pokémon Seen: 108 Caught: 83 Comments "I beat the game cause I got the codes that gave me lev 100

golbat and snorlax thanks person that told how to git money

it helped me git porygon too.!" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - TODD SCHELL Date Entered and Won: 7th February 1999 Time: - Hours Pokemons Mew Lvl 100 Atrucuno Lvl 98 Zapdos Lvl 100 Mew Two Lvl 100 Blastoise Lvl 97 Scyther Lvl 100 Pokémon Seen: 151 Caught: 151 Comments "I had all 151 Pokemon." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - BRIAN VAN WIECHEN Date Entered and Won: 9th February 1999 Time: - Hours Pokemons Mewtwo - Level 100 MeW - Level 100 Charizard - Level 55 Articuno - Level 71 Zapdos - Level 62 Blastoise - Level 61 Pokémon Seen: - Caught: - Comments "I got mew by using the gameshark." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - HANH LE Date Entered and Won: 27th December 1998 Time: 29:11 Hours Pokemons BLASTOISE LEVEL 94 PIDGEOT LEVEL 56 FLAREON LEVEL 56 ZAPDOS LEVEL 78 KABUTOPS LEVEL 48 MEWTO LEVEL 89 Pokémon Seen: 146 Caught: 116 Comments "THERE ALL A CINCH THE THE ONLY WAY I BEET THEM THE OTHER TIME IS BECAUSE I WAS LAZY IS USING 15 FULL RESTORE AND 15 REVIEV AND 15 FULL HEAL." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - FUZZY Date Entered and Won: Sometime around Valentine's Day 1999 Time: 25 Hours Pokemons Charizard - Lvl 62 Kabutops - Lvl 44 Zapdos - Lvl 50 Articuno - Lvl 50 Dragonair - Lvl 36 Kadabra - Lvl 53 Pokémon Seen: 141 Caught: 116 Comments "Does anyone out there know how to catch Mew, Myuu, or Missingo? I've got Mewtwo, now i just need those three. If anyone knows my e-mail address is I would greatly appreciate it if anyone told me how to catch any of them." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ASH (DAYN SCHULERT) Date Entered and Won: 16th February 1999 Time: 20:56 Hours Pokemons Blastoise L.75 (Surf, Bite, Fissure, Earthquake) Articuno L.53 (Mimic,Ice Beam, Fly, Blizzard) Zapdos L.50 (ThunderShock, Drill Peck, Fly, Flash) Voltorb L.40 (SonicBoom, Flash, Explosion, Swift) Aerodactyl L.30 (Wing Attack, Agility, Fly, Fire Blast) SandShrew L.14 (Submissoin, Rest, Strength, Cut) Pokémon Seen: 128 Caught: 36 Comments "Blastoise beat everyone by him-self. Now I'm going to get Mew and Mewtwo." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - SATOSHI Date Entered and Won: 17th February 1999 Time: 15:20 Hours Pokemons Mew lv. 61 Dodrio lv. 97 Venusaur lv.84 Charizard lv. 55 Zapdos lv.76 Pokémon Seen: 151 Caught: 150 Comments "Still can't get that darn hitmonchan! ! ! ! ! ! ! !" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ASH Date Entered and Won: 20Th February 1999 (Saturday) Time: 36:52 Hours Pokemons Blastoise - lv100 Missingno. - lv100 Hitmonchan - lv80 Arbok - lv80 Farfech'd - lv80 Lapras - lv81 Pokémon Seen: 130 Caught: 84 Comments "I finished the game 2 times because it rules." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ASH KETCHUM (JACOB) or (G-FUNK) Date Entered and Won: 31st December 1998 Time: 65:05 Hours Pokemons Used Haunter-45 Venusaur-45 Pidgeot-40 Raichu-100 Zapdos-50 Current Team Of Pokemon Mewtwo-100(Psychic,Swift,Metronome,Recover) Mew-100(Psychic,Metronome,Substitute,Mega Punch) Zapdos-100(Thunderbolt,Thunder,Drill Peck,Substitute) Articuno-100(Ice Beam,Blizzard,Substitute,Peck) Gengar-100(Dream Eater,Hypnosis,Confuse Ray,Night Shade) Virus(MissingNo.)-100(Sky Attack,Water Gun,Blizzard,Ice Beam) Pokémon Seen: 148 Caught: 128 Comments "I absolutely love Mewtwo and Mew! I have the Blue version want Red and all the other versions. I also can't wait until Gold and Silver come out. And all those people who say you can't get a Mew in Blue or Red well they are wrong" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ASH Date Entered and Won: December 1998 Time: 23:45 Hours Pokemons Mew:Level 255 Mewtwo:level 100 Charizard:Level 100 Clefable:Level 100 Zapdos:Level 100 Articuno: Level 100 Pokémon Seen: 151 (152 if you're counting Missingno. or "M") Caught: 152 if you're counting Missingno. or "M" Comments "I used Gameshark to get my mew to level 255!!!!!" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - GARY Date Entered and Won: 23rd February 1999 Time: 49:06 Hours Pokemons Zapdos LV100 Venasaur LV100 Articuno LV100 Moltres LV100 Mew LV100 Mew LV100 Pokémon Seen: 144 Caught: 116 Comments "Zapdos did it all !" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - MICHAEL Date Entered and Won: Got it on 2-12-99 beat it on 2-12-99 Time: 6:10 Hours Pokemons Blastioes 100 Mewtwo 100 Aerodactyl 97 Parasect 85 Primeape 95 Raichu 66 Pokémon Seen: 150 Caught: 150 Comments "This Game was a Quiz!!!!!" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ASH (STEVEN XU) Date Entered and Won: - Time: - Pokemons Venusaur: 99 Mewtwo:82 Gyarados:100 Dragonite:89 Aerodactyl:88 Kabutops: 71 Pokémon Seen: 142 Caught: 112 Comments "The people that say that their pokemon's level is higher than 100 are big liers! Pokemon levels can only get up to lv.100" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - RYAN (FLAREON) Date Entered and Won: Late November 1998 Time: 40:27 Hours Pokemons Flareon L100 Mew L100 Characolt L100 Flareth L100 Charizard L100 Pikablu L100 Pokémon Seen: 154 Caught: 149 Comments "If you wonder how i got the pokegods, a friend gave them to me." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ALEX R. Date Entered and Won: 19th October 1998 Time: 19:00 Hours Pokemons Jolteon L100 FlareonL100 VaporeonL100 VenusaurL100 BlastoiseL100 CharizardL100 Pokémon Seen: 154 Caught: 154 Comments "THE SECRET POKEMON ARE MEW, CHARCOLT,FLARETH,&PIKABLU" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ALEX ROSARIO Date Entered and Won: 20th October 1998 Time: 19:00 Hours Pokemons Venusaur L100(Mega drain, Razor leaf, CUT,Sleep Powder) Blastoise L100(Ice beam, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam,Bubble Beam) Charizard L100(Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Hyper Beam, Fire Spin) JolteonL 100 (tHUNDERSHOCK, hYPER BEAM, THUNDERBOLT,THUNDER) VAPOREON L100(Bubblebeam, Hydro pump, quick attack,Acid Armor) FlareonL 100(Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Quick Attack) Pokémon Seen: 154 Caught: 154 Comments "The secret guys are mew, charcolt, Flareth, Pikablu." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - LEON Date Entered and Won: Shortly Before Christmas 1998 Time: Approx 30 Hours Pokemons I used a level 55 Blastoise, a Zapdos, a Beedrill and some other whimps I forget who I got all 150 of the Pokemon after a blue time of 95 hours and 41 minutes I Have beaten the game 178 times, and I have a great team. Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Sandslash(With an Earthquake Tm on him) 2 Mewtwos, both with mimic, one with 2 pp ups on him. Did I mention they are all level 100? ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - IVERSON Date Entered and Won: Mid February 1999 Time: 25 Hours Pokemons Miss No Lvi 79 Mewtwo Lvi 100 Machamp lvi 100 Blastoise Lvi 100 Pokémon Seen: 150 Caught: 144 Comments "I think Mewtwo & MissNo are the hardest pokemon to Find." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - JONATHAN Date Entered and Won: 10th October 1998 Time: 32 Hours Pokemons Blastoise Level 100 Charizard Level 89 Venusaur Level 84 Articuno Level 85 Pikachu Level 85 Pokémon Seen: 151 Caught: 150 Comments "Thanks to my friends at North Sydney Boys and Satoshi." "You're Most Welcome!" - Satoshi :-D ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - SHAWN Date Entered and Won: 4th February 1999 Time: About 49 Hours Pokemons Charizard, lv. 100 Gyarodos, lv 89 Venusaur,lv 97 Blastoise, lv 100 Articuno, lv. 99 Mew, lv 100 Pokémon Seen: 151 Caught: 151 Comments "Second game restart, and beating the game faster every time!!" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - SHAWN Date Entered and Won: 1st January 1999 Time: 17:12 Hours Pokemons Venusaur- 100 Mew- 100 Mewtwo- 100 Starmie- 100 Marawok- 100 Dragonite- 100 Pokémon Seen: 151 Caught: 151 ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ANDREW Date Entered and Won: January 1999 Time: 7 Hours Pokemons Blastoise(starting) lvl. 100 Charmeleon lvl. 100 Venusaur lvl. 100 Zapdos lvl. 100 Articuno lvl. 100 Moltres lvl. 100 Pokémon Seen: 154 Caught: 154 Comments "I caught Mew, Missingno, M?You, and #204 (Glitch pokemon)" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - SOLARIS Date Entered and Won: 2nd January 1999 Time: 23 Hours Pokemons Pokemon Used And Their Levels: Scyther-Zapdos-Charizard-Articuno-Gyrados-Gengar-all lvl255 Pokémon Seen: 151 Caught: 151 Comments "I beat awhile back and beat the E4 about 50 more times" "I did it i'm a pokčmon Master!...that was too easy hope silver & gold are harder" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - TY Date Entered and Won: 1st March 1999 Time: 46:32 Hours Pokemons Articuno:59 Dragonair:31 Riachu:73 Charizard:62 Venomoth:56 Seadra:54 Pokémon Seen: 132 Caught: 96 Comments "The time i took was beting the elite four and gary about 8-9 times. Great way to level up and get cash." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - ASH Date Entered and Won: 1st March 1999 Time: 120:04 Hours Pokemons Blastoise: 88 Jynx: 72 Articuno: 90 Mew: 100 Pokémon Seen: 151 (counting Mew) Caught: 137 Comments "This took me a long time, but i trained my mew, and it turned out to be soooooo PHAT! I'm going to beat them again and again!" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - BROOKS VINSON Date Entered and Won: 2nd March 1999 Time: - Hours Pokemons Blastoise level:100 Charizard level:100 Mewtwo level:100 Articuno level:100 Zapdos level:100 Machamp level:100 Pokémon Seen: 151 Caught: 151 Comments "Beating this game was extremly easy. Can't wait till the silver & gold versions come out. This game was the best, thanks." ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - DANNY Date Entered and Won: 6th March 1999 Time: 24:31 Hours Pokemons Mew:100 Dragonite:100 Venusaur:100 Charizard:100 Blastoise:100 Jolteon:100 Pokémon Seen: 151 Caught: 151 Comments "I only used gameshark for Mew" ====================================================================== POKEMON LEAGUE MASTER - JOHN Date Entered and Won: February 1999 Time: - Hours Pokemons Machoke Lv.42 Onix Lv.42 Moltres Lv.53 Articuno Lv.63 Blastoise Lv.62 Pokémon Seen: 135 Caught: 87 Comments "I beat the Elite Four easily when I sent out my Articuno. Now, my Pokémon in Link battle are: Zapdos.. Dragonite.. Mewtwo.. Articuno.. Blastoise... all Lv.100... and Snorlax Lv.141. I can beat the whole Elite Four with an Articuno, or Dragonite and Golom" ====================================================================== ANY MORE WHO'VE MADE IT?