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You got to catch 'em all... you want to... but somehow, you just can't. On the net are tons and tons of Pokemon cheats but they don't seem to work.

Well, here is what works!

I've tried it out and if anyone else can confirm a cheat that works, let me know at

Pikachu and I will gladly add it to this list with credit to you of course. Afterall, don't we all hate cheats that either don't work or worse still, ruin your game save?

"GAMESHARK HELP" From: "charles mackin"

I don't have a cheat but it's about gamesharks. They can erase you're game but I found a way to prevent that. What you do is when it says you're game is erased you turn it of then take out the gameshark then put the game back in with no gameshark. It usually works but it sometimes does not.



Go to the game corner and press A on the floor which there is nothing in front of you. Go around and press A then you will find 100, 20 or 10 coins! From PokemonLord Kevin


"INVINCIBLE POKEMON!" From: "Matthew Lovell"

Heres how to get pokemon INVINCIBLE!Me and my freind were experimenting and found this out.Ok heres how it works:

Step 1. Do the trick where you catch a pokemon past level 100.{Ex.Golbat,missingno.,Clefable,Snorlax or something of that sort past level 100.

Step 2. With the level pokemon past 100 do the trick to get Unlimited rare candies.{To get unlimited:Get a rare candy , put a rare candy sixth on your list of items. Fly to Viridian and talk to the guy with the coffe and say NO. Fly to Cinnibar island and surf on the East coast until you find an 'M or missingno. Kill one of them and get the unlimited rare candies.Note:Dont fight the missingno. or 'M with the pokemon past level 100 because if a pokemion past levl 100 gets any experience points it will restart at level 100 and you wont be able to get it back up to 101 or higher to get it invicible.

Step 3. Once that is done use a rare candy on the pokemon past level 100 until it reaches level 255{NO HIGHER!} Save the game when he's that High. After it's saved use a rare candy and the pokemon will restart at level 0. When it restarts you might see a letter next to it's hit points{you MIGHT at least}The letter means that the pokemon s invincible!. Save at level 0 and slowly use more rare candies on the pokemon until it reaches a certan level where the letter dissapears. if it does just turn on your game again and use rare candies on the pokemon until it reaches the level right before the letter dissapeared.{If yor lucky it will go up to level 100 withpout it dissapearing. If the pokemon doent make it up to level 100 Dont use him at the elite four or anything because his letter dissapears if you fight with him and get huis level up 1 more than it should. The only time you should fight with him is if it's with your friends with the link cable .This cheat doesnt work for some pokemon. Its only worked on a Gyrados past level 100, a electrode past 100, and a missingno. past level 100{SO FAR} i havent tried all my pokemon past level 100.

This is probably very confusing so e-mail me if you have any questions.

My e-mail is...



Moon Stone Locations

1.In the top left corner of the first floor of Mt.Moon

2.In the basement of the game corner

3.In the bottom right-hand corner of Route 2(cut to get there)

4.In Mt.Moon before,where the supernerd stands(by the fossils),there is a hallway that is 1 space wide and 4 spaces long,go to the end of it, press A, and you get a moon stone

5.In the abandoned mansion on cinnabar island,go to the right side of one of the pillars on the right side near the entrance .Press A and it will give you a moon stone


"Game Shark and Game Genie: To get MEW" From: "RGK007"

Game Genie-




Now you will find Mew in the grass west of Cerulean City.You have to catch it before it transforms,so I suggest putting it to sleep or paralyzing it.

Game Shark-


No matter what field you go to,you will see Mew





"To get different pokemon past level 100" From: "Matthew Lovell"

Fly to Viridian and talk to the guy that stops you at the beginning because he didn't have his coffe. Watch him catch the weedle and then fly to cinnibar island. Surf on the east coast for a couple minutes and a variety of different pokemon past level 100 will appear.


================================================================================= "TO GET POKEMON WITH GAMESHARK" From: "Charles Mackin"

First write 01--d8cf (The -- means the code)

1.Bulbasaur 99 2.Ivysaur 09 3.Venusaur 003 4.Charmander b0 5.Charmeleon b2 6.Charizard b4 7.Squirtle b1 8.Wartortle B3 9.Blastoise 1c 10.Caterpie 7b 11.Metapod 7c 12.Butterfree 7d 13.Weedle 70 14.Kakuna 71 15.Beedrill 72 16.Pidgey 24 17.Pidgeotto 96 18.Pidgeot 97 19.Rattata A5 20.Raticate a6 21.spearow 05 22.Fearow 23 23.Ekans 6c 24.Arbok 2D 25.pikachu 54 26.Raichu 55 27.Sandshrew 60 28.Sandslash 61 29.Nidoran(f) 0f 30.Nidoqueen 10.


"Endless safari time and a new way to get mew" From: "Charles Mackin"

To catch Mew you type in 01f00ed7 then fly to Ceurlean City walk to the power plant but after you cut the bush on your way there above You will be a patch of grass thats where you catch him.

Endless safari time is 01f00ed7 =================================================================================

"To Get a Lv147 Missingno!" From: PikachuA88

Well I have tried this trick and it works.

1.) Go trade a pokemon with the man with the glasses in the Pokemon House in Cinnabar in the first room.

2.) After you do that go surf around the perimeter of the island (Try the east side always) and when you see a lv80 Missingno run away!

3.) Go to Veridan City and talk to the guy who didn't let you pass in the begining of the game and talk to him. Say No and let him explain.

4.) The rare candy trick will work and then surf at the east side of the island and you will find a pokemon called M, but it will have some signs so run away from it. It took me a few minutes to find Missingno at lv147. When you battle it, it will say Missingno at the top and the heathline and at the bottom 147.

5.) I have heard from a source you can catch HIGH level pokemon. My friends, friend had almost caught a lv256 Weezing!

If you need help e-mail me at


"Master Ball Trick" From:

This trick is very easy to do.First you have to get some regular pokeballs(not great or ultra balls).When you are fighting a wild pokemon throw the pokeball.The second it leaves your hand press and hold up and B.If done correctly the pokeball should have the effect of a master ball.

================================================================================= "UNLIMITED COINS AT CASINO" From: "Charles Mackin"

I have a cheat for ENDLESS CASINO COINES. It is 0199a4d5 and 0199 a5d5.


"This code allows you to have almost infinite rare candies, or whatever your sixth item is." From: "ecavanagh"

1.)Find a rare candy. 2.)Move rare candy to the sixth spot on your item page. 3.)Fly to viridian city. 4.)Talk to the old man who teaches you how to catch pokemon. 5.)Answer no, that you are not in a hurry and let him teach you again. 6.)Then fly to cinnabar island and surf up and down the right side(where land+water meet). 7.)When you run into a strange pokemon with a blurred name run away from it. 8.)Look in your item page at the rare candy,it will have a mark next to the number 9. 9.)this means that you have more than 100 rare candies.



"THE POKEGODS!!" From: PikachuA88

The PokeGods are the rarest Pokemon in the Blue and Red Version. The PokèGods are:

Missingno. (#000) Mew (#151) Characolt (#152) Flareth (#153) Pikablu (#154)

Access CODE 1.You must have 150 reguler pokemon 2.Get the 3 legendary birds and 3 geodudes 3.Put the 3 birds on top of the 6 pokemon you carry 4. Put the geodudes on the bottom 5.Go to Mr. Psychic in Safaron and talk to him 6.he will say something different than usual

To get Missingno #000

Getting Missingno is easy. First go catch a Raichu or just evole a Pikachu to a Raichu. Turn go to Cinnabar Island and go to the Poke Place where you resurrect the Fossils you found in Mount Moon and the Museum of Pewter/Nibi City. Then go to the land like water at the right end in on the island. Surf around and wait for 10 seconds and you see a thing and Missingno is a LV 80 Pokemon so try to catch him. Oh yeah his Defense is about 2 so if you have a LV 100 Charizard and used Slash, Missingno will be dead because of his low "D". MISSINGNO. IS CONSIDER TO BE A VIRUS IN THE GAME! WARNING MISSINGNO WILL MESS UP YOUR CHARACTER SCREEN (Ex: ASH).

To get MEW!!!

one of the cart. must have all the hms the other cart must be in vermillion city then you trade a pokemon that has those 3 (cut,surf,strength) hms on them to the cart. before ss anne and then in the version before ss anne you go past the guy that looks for tickets ... and you swim to your right of that him swim in the water and you will find an island with a boulder on it if you have not done the access code yet then you can not push it but if you have done it then push it and a pokeball is under it get the pokeball and inside is mew the first pokegod

#152 CHARCOLT: once you have those you go to the guy that tells you geodudes evolves i think that guy is in the celadon department store in the game department. in there, there is a guy that is playing gb. talk to him and he gives you charcolt i do not know if that is the right guy though

#153 FLARETH: now that you hae 152 pokemon.... get 4 moltres by trade or gameshark and have the 4 in your active 6 and only the moltres not any other pokemons once you do that go to celdaon dpt. store again then go to the top floor and talk to the girl who wants a drink 100 times after you do that talk to her one more time and she gets annoyed she says ... "i will give you flareth if you go away" and then she'll give you it!

#154 PIKABLU: now that you have 153 pokemon go to cerulean city with your surf pokemon you can have other pokemon with it but you really need your surfer go to cerulean city and go to the water (by the unknown dungeon) and go in the water use the item finder in the water and after while it will beep and you will... find a pokeball with a note in it the note says there is a rare pokemon by cinnabar island be prepared because you fight this one and they are strong then go to cinnabar island.. (you can not find the note without the access code) once you are at cinnabar island have the pokemon that you taught dig supposbly you dig in the water around cinnabar... supposily if you dig in the right place a pikablu appears if you do not have the master ball.. use the same stragey as you did on the 3 birds and mewtwo


Need Safari Zone Pokemons like Kangskhan, Tauros and Scyther but they seem impossible to catch? Then try the "Coastline Cheat".

Enter Safari Zone, go to the area with the monsters that you want. Move around there... catch some... meet some others (you don't have to meet the one you really want. Just the ones that appear in the same area).

Then either wait for the time limit to be over. Or just walk out.

Walk down and swim down and left to the coastline of Seafoam Island.

Swim up and down along the coastline (half body in water and half on land) and you'll eventually meet the Pokemon that you want.

He'll be easier to catch now because you can hit him to weaken him, or freeze and paralyse him.

Sorry everyone! We had more cheats than these but due to some glitch in the server, they all got wiped out. Also, these cheats are sent in by Pokemon Trainers who have claimed that they have gotten it to work. Satoshi and Pikachu cannot however verify if these are true!

Got more that you've confirmed? Share it with us... Thanks!